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After playing guitar and singing in some pretty small time groups - Starting in
1968 we presented concerts and dances in Federal Way at the Hippodrome and Federal Way Skate Center (both buildings on the same property about 500 ft. apart).   So ....Hippodrome, Touray Ballroom, Santafair, Federal Way Skate Center were really all the same venue. We had a great time and got to witness some fantastic musicians perform.  Merille Rush and the Turnabouts, Brian Hyland, White Heart (early Heart),Front Page, the Bards, City Zu.  We had  some famous bands and not so famous bands.  For a while we bought radio time on KJR and KOL partnering with Parker's Ballroom and Evergreen Ballroom.  Here are some of the memorabillia saved from that era.

Memorabilia from the "Hippodrome" era - Rock & Roll Shows, Dances and Concerts
business card
My business card in 1968!

Hippodrome Dance Hall License circa 1969.  aka "Touray" Ballroom or " Santafair".   We also held dances and concerts at the Federal Way Skate center which was another large hall on the same property.
Newspaper advertisemant for the arrival of Ricky Nelson in Seattle Times.  1970
crystal ship poster
Titled "Touray's Hippodrome", this poster announced one of many times we had the Crystal Ship band from Tacoma. October of 1968.

2 Big Bands!  Closest thing we had to a "battle of the bands".  This poster calls the hall "Touray Ballroom".  This name was used at times for both the "Hippodrome" and "Federal Way Skate Center".  The two bands for this one were "Penny Arcade " and "Bearded Clam".  It was August of  1968.
Inset poster here.
The Hippodrome had it's largest concert on Sunday, December 29th, 1968.  The State Fair from Tillicum opened for Brian Hyland (Sealed With a Kiss, Tragedy, Joker Is Wild, Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini) who had The City Zu as his backup band.
Contract used to secure Brian Hylands services.
Booked by myself in conjunction with Seattle Mercer (Mac Keith).  Brian Hyland (Sealed With a Kiss, Tragedy, Joker Is Wild, Itsy Bitsy Bikini) performs at Highline Community College with the Feelies providing backup band duty.

Our posters got weirder in 1969.  Buffalo Clancy appearing at the Hippodrome on February 15th.

February 8th , 1969 and the Missing Linx appear on the stage in the Hippodrome.  As usual, our house light show at the tme "Light Fantastic" projected their performance art on our 30' X 50' screen behind the stage.

My contract with the Calliope to appear in the Hippodrome on Sunday, December 15th, 1969.

Cover Letter for the contract with the Bards is signed by Jeff Beals who is an agent with GEC - General Entertainment Corporation in 1970.  Earlier, when his band the Kingsmen recorded Louie Louie - he was their sax player.
dick curtis letter  
Letter to us from Dick Curtis who had moved to KOL from KJR by 1970.  He and Pat O'Day were GODS to many of us!
After guitarist Carl Wilson left Merilee Rush and the Turnabouts and before he became the guitar player for Ann and Nancy Wilson's Heart,  the band was called Carl Wilson and White Heart. We had them at the Federal Way Skate Center (another part of Hippodrome and Touray Dances on the same property)  It was Friday, January the 9th, 1970.  Big things were ahead for this band!

Vendetta, aka Blood, Todd and Brain aka United Flight played on January 16th, 1970 at the Federal Way Skate Center. A light show was provided by Rock and Dish (light show company)

Sundae Funnies played at the Federal Way Skate Center on February 13th, 1970.

City Zu played at the Federal Way Skate Center on Friday, January 2nd , 1970.

King Buscuit Entertainers were featured at the Federal Way Skate Center on  Friday, December  26th, 1969.

The contract with one of my favorite bands of the time - The Front Page.  They appeared at the Hippadrome on November 27th, 1968.

Superband contract for their appearance at the Federal Way Skate Center  February 6th, 1970.

Poster coming soon....soon as I find it!  Very soon!

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