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Expert Review:  After burning (no pun intended) through several other 3D printers that cost $$thousands$$ I ordered this QIDI workhorse over a year ago.  It is truly amazing.  Cranks out prints beautifully.  I highly recommend it even though it may appear the price is too low to believe.  Believe it!

PAUL ALLEN, a historical figure.....   "Print 2+2."    "4"   <-----  I believe these words are as historical as "Mr. Watson, come here – I want to see you.". The latter being attributed to Alexander Graham Bell as the words used on the first telephone. The former being the first command (and response) Paul Allen gave to the Altair computer he and Bill Gates had acquired as young men while pondering their vision of personal computers in every home (what? no way!). This programming, command and response was the unceremonial birth of the personal computer. Mr. Allen describes this moment as "whew!" in interviews as he and Mr. Gates had convinced Altair that they had a computer program that would work with this pretty basic unit featured on the cover of Popular Electronics. Paul Allen had been described as "a recluse" (by some including CBS 60 Minutes). I would love to see his legacy (Microsoft, Seahawks, Trailblazers, EMP, numerous charitable institutions notwithstanding) ....his legacy being taught in public schools as a TURNING POINT IN HISTORY. The moment, that young man, Paul Allen, running the program, typing a command, hoping the Altair would respond. "Print 2+2" ....... hesitation by the machine ....then the answer printed out on paper... "4"

Indeed a moment in history that should be remembered and passed on in our schools and in the history of personal computing. Rest in peace Paul Allen.

Politics:  Well...I am a Registered Legislative Lobbyist so I like to keep friends on both sides of the aisle.  You will not see much in the way of a political position here.  I may post kudos for a law passed either at the state or national level. a position that consumer lobbyists may take on a bill that will dramatically increase taxes, fees, and other direct consumer costs.      Hopefully the CrAziEs on the far left or far right will not be too offended.  Here is my blog:

Opinion that is FACT:  This new trainer is a smart move for the Air Force....... and the taxpayers are getting a value priced replacement for 1959 current equipment. Helps do a better job of making pilot training safe and effective: 

Doctors and patients:      We are the patients.  Ok, got it.   Not customers from the way we are treated.  Doctors shuffle from tiny room to tiny room spending a few minutes in each space.  Is this what they pictured when they decided to become doctors?  Pulling a paycheck from a huge, overbearing company?  High pressure mills churning out high value tests, "check-ups", innoculations, and bad advice.  Now, when calling in or "Mycharting" a doctor we only are allowed to communicate with minions. (assistants)  An appointment is sometime out in future space.  I tell them I will send my casket.

The website Nextdoor:      is being sued in the state of Washington for violating numerous state laws and parts of the State Constitution.  An interesting lawsuit to follow as other states may copy this approach.  A very notorious website used to bully, racially slur, and generally stir up fear in local neighborhoods with anonymous posts and unpaid "leads" terrorizing users. 

If you have a good sense of humor ....or is a link describing things you find out about your neighborhood (no matter where you live) on :

Expert review:  Hopjacks Restaurant is a great place to eat.  Any location in Western Washington.   In Bellevue, Washington, the venerable "Little Johns" restaurant is a classic booth and lunch counter restaurant that has been around forever (I went there with friends after some college classes) and everything they have on the menu is delicious.

Expert review:  Pat O'Day's book "It Was All Just Rock and Roll"  is a wonderful inside look at rock & roll in the 60's and 70's from the inside with engrossing stories from Pat's personal experiences with Elvis and Tom Parker; Jimi Hendrix; Bachman Turner Overdrive...and many other great music legends.  Get it here....